Euston Station Bores 3D Overview

High Speed 2

Review of the construction methodology for Euston Station:


  • Re-evaluation of the Engineering proposal for Euston Station to bring the Bores further from Euston
  • Present a solution that makes sense economically, temporally and compatible with the proposed HS2 Hybrid Bill alignment


  • Reconfiguration and correction of Existing 3D Alignment File
  • 4 x 3D Strings created using Bentley InRail to ensure Engineering ‘design’ compliance with Existing Design
  • Create a 3D Overview of Euston Station approach including retaining walls and all switches and crossings
  • Issue 3D Engineering model inc surrounding Area of all ‘Bores’ for independent analysis
  • Use of a Game Development Platform to interact and visualise the final design output in Virtual Reality

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