Rail Mapping


Creation of a web mapping solution including backend PostgreSQL and PostGIS database to combine the Control Period 4/5 (CP4 & CP5) to understand the interfaces between the Network Rail programme, planned possessions and 3rd Party works. The tools combined data obtained using APIs from organization ranging from Network Rail, Highways England, Google, TfL Data and theyworkforyou.com.


  • Lack of clarity of agreed possessions with surrounding information
  • Data held in multiple excel spreadsheets
  • Overview of 3rd Party Works
  • Ability to show the “temporal process”


  • Creation of Web Mapping Interface using Opensource tools integrated with API’s inc Environmental, Traffic and Live Rail data
  • Python scripts to automate the transfer of ELR chainages to spatial locations, interfacing with ArcGIS.
  • Ability to search by time using “slider” to understand and visualise what has been planned and how it affects the surrounding areas in a specific time window.
  • Journey times to trackside access points and other customisable points of interest
  • Address layer using google API’s with buffer to understand proximity to work areas
  • Ability to export queried data to easily accessible file formats (Such as CSV or Excel)

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