Hanger Lane Vent Shaft


As part of understanding the integration of 3D models created using Bentley AECOsim and Autodesk Revit, an innovative project was commissioned to create an interactive immersive model of HS2 using Game Engines to engage stakeholders in understanding the location and interaction with the surround geography of the proposed ventilation shaft for High Speed 2.


  • Understand the differences between the 3D models
  • Integrate into existing surrounding
  • Keep vertices and polygon export size low
  • Interact with external data through APIs
  • A system for multiplayer support for allowing users to interacting with each other in real time while exploring the environment
  • Backend support for user authentication


  • A combination of Python and C# script allowed us to validate, cleanse and import GIS data from both open sources and the federated BIM database
  • C# API were written to connect to the Asset Management System that the company had in place, showing real time data about the highlighted assets on screen
  • Creation of tools using C# to show interaction and simulation including the placement of pedestrians, London Underground Central Line routes, time of day, pathfinding and waypoints
  • Reprojection of 3D Model to British national grid using bespoke algorithm
  • Connected to external Asset Management System using C# APIs
  • Custom C# APIs to interface Unity3D with a platform agnostic commenting system. Authorised users can leave or reply to comments in the 3D space (visualising them as flags), and these comments can be viewed from our web maps or control boards.
  • Fast real time pathfinding algorithm were implemented to simulate the pedestrian’s movement and their interaction with the environment

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