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This is Geve Visualise. Analyse. Collaborate

Geve use gaming technology to provide immersive 3D environments and cutting-edge interactive mapping for large-scale civil engineering projects. These interactive environments directly improve communication and engagement by simplifying the feedback process and enabling all stakeholders in a project, from communities to board-level, allowing collaborative notes in the model; generating a holistic view of your project.

Geve is an industry leader in providing these services, drawing upon their expertise in: engineering, traditional 2D cartography, 3D mapping, geospatial analysis, VR, AR, interactive gaming technology and real-time data.

What do we do? Immersive Mapping.
Integrated Gaming Technology.
Connected Civil Engineering.

Geve allow you to integrate groundbreaking solutions in whatever way your scheme or project requires, creating bespoke interactive environments. These tools facilitate:

Interactive Stakeholder Engagement

Use your federated BIM models and generate immersive AR & VR 3D environments to demonstrate the impact of your project to communities & stakeholders. Allow all parties to have a voice in the planning of your scheme, with the ability to leave internal comments.

Data Cleansing

Find order in the chaos of data. Audit and clean your CAD & GIS data. Be confident that the data you do use is reliable, accessible and effectively visualised.

Cross-discipline Collaboration

Merge 2D & 3D real-time visualisations to create a virtual environment where everyone from across the project team can interact at the same time, improving communication and information integration across all areas of your project.

Sequencing & Planning

Improve the efficiency of your engineering with effective planning that uses real-time data to highlight programme clashes, environmental or safety issues, whilst accounting for all phases of a project’s life cycle.

Scenario Testing

Ensure Safe by Design compliance and anticipate any unexpected obstacles, effectively assess risk, by testing scenarios, traffic management plans and behaviour models in the virtual environment.

Interactive Learning

Project briefings, inductions and more can easily be carried out offsite in our immersive, interactive environment that can accomodate weather conditions, noise, light levels and more.

Why change?

Let the stats speak.

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£600bn Infrastructure Investment

£600bn of public & private infrastructure investment over the next 10yrs

80,000 New Jobs

Digital technologies including AI created a net total of 80,000 new jobs annually

£232bn added to UK economy

AI could add £232 billion to the UK
economy Smarter infrastructure by 2030/40


Infrastructure output is projected to rise 34.5% by 2019, driven by large projects


Geve’s technology will save you time and money.
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Our Story

Why Us?

Our team consists of construction industry professionals with a rich history working on major projects such as High Speed 2, London 2012 & TFL.

We are involved across the whole project life cycle from initial public consultations through the design process to construction.
Our experiences have exposed shortfalls in the use of project information within the industry and the way that data is inadequately presented to clients, project teams and the wider stakeholder community.

Our team believes that radical improvements are possible through the adoption of powerful immersive data visualisations, making complex information accessible to all; from specialists to project teams & the general public, allowing them to focus on what matters.

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